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Evolution of Project Management

As organizational structures have shifted over the years, the capabilities, skill sets, and requirements of project managers have consequently changed. While companies have transitioned from hierarchical to matrix organizational structures, the expectations for project managers have increased significantly. The impact project managers make to their organization, business sponsor, and project team is heavily dependent upon their ability to adjust to the changing needs and demands of both internal and external environments. This article will discuss the increasing expectations of project managers in today’s organizations as well as future expectations as organizations continue to modify their operating structure to meet the needs and demands of their clients. Full Article

How to Succeed in Today’s Changing CRM Landscape

Whether you’re just thinking about implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution or are looking to upgrade an existing solution, determining how to take advantage of new trends like social media and “the cloud” can be daunting. As the number of channels customers use to interact with your business grows, so does the complexity in the technology and business processes to gather and use that data effectively. So, how can you take advantage of new CRM trends and not lose sight of the big picture? What are the benefits of implementing a CRM solution today? This article will provide answers to these questions and identify key steps to implementation success in this changing market. Full Article

Master Data Management: Building Blocks for Success

Business leaders and program managers are hearing from their technology counterparts that they need a Master Data Management (MDM) program. Most assume that this is just a technology solution. However, most MDM programs fail due to misconceptions that a strong technology implementation alone will solve the organizational needs. So then what is an MDM program? What critical components make the program successful and what does one need to know before embarking on this journey? This article will provide answers to these questions and help you determine if starting an MDM program is right for your organization. Full Article